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Pedal power delivered by bike
Having started our business in Brighton we were determined that we wanted to adapt from the traditional logistic solution and introduce electric deliveries into our operations. Having already set up the company in a lean and effeceint way embedding sustainability in everything we do way we were delighted to have a chance encounter with a small start-up in Brighton called ReCharge. ReCharge is a courier company with a difference as all their deliveries are made using electric cargo bikes.
As a company we quickly realised this could be the perfect solution for us and having then met the team who run ReCharge, Sam and Stefan, we instantly new this was a brilliant way for us to introduce electric and sustainable business supply deliveries within Brighton.  However, as with all our key suppliers it was vital that ReCharge were flexible enough to accommodate our delivery initiatives and we are delighted to say we could not be happier with the how its progressing.
Fast forward and from March all our Brighton & Hove deliveries have been made using electric power. 
We are the first office supplies company in Brighton to embrace this alternative form of transport and we are delighted with the response from our customers. Since we've replaced our normal deliveries with electric power we can clearly see that we've been able to fully offset the full equivalent of emissions that would have occurred using a traditional van. 
In short, good news for our customers, good news for us and  good news for Brighton & Hove as we no longer contribute to clogging up the streets with yet more vans on a daily basis to deliver office products.
In some ways is the perfect solution for us as our desire to inspire customers to reduce deliveries through our online dashboard combined with a sustainable final mile logistics solution has allowed us to proudly stand aside from the traditional suppliers in the market who haven't adapted there business model for years.
We are not standing still either as we're now working with customers to create eco delivery days where we'll encourage all our customers to order on the same day thus reducing the logistics burden even further. 
Its a bold move but one which we feel is right and responsible for a modern business supplies company and our customers.

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